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A considerable number of articles in the topic area of this website have been published since the work started, in year 2013. Most of these articles were written in Swedish, but a few were originally written in English, and some of the others have been translated afterwards.

English-language articles so far

The problematic combination of supremacism and
'proofs' for the existence of God in Islam

red-163  (2019-08-10).

There are no simple reasons for islamophobia
red-148  (2019-01-12).

On the Self-Defense of a Liberal State
red-238  (2022-02-23).

Grouping of articles

In order to facilitate the overview of these articles in Swedish language, they have been divided into five groups which are shown in the top-level menue here, going from 'Lifestance' and 'Values' to 'Governance'. Each of these headings leads to a description of our take on the topic in question, and to a list of the English-language articles in the area. These are accessed using the tabs 'Description' and 'Articles' in the left-side menue. In some of the topics there are no English-language articles at present, and in such cases the 'Articles' link has been suppressed. The full set of articles can be seen by clicking the 'sv' link at the upper left.